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Bitò Web and Branding Design // Bitò Design

Bitò is a project in collaboration with Èlia Bernat (my sister). Èlia studied Ephemeral Architecture and Applied Arts, has worked as a scenography assistant in TV, and has lead projects to set up exhibitions. It started when, based in my experience in retail and fashion mixed with our knowledge as artists, we started a company focused on Window Dressing and Visual Merchandising from an eco-friendly and austere point of view. So I started by creating our branding and website, giving potential clients an easy way to find out more about our business and to get in contact with us. 


Responsive view

We used two branding colors to express the duality of the group and the name's meaning (Bitò means two-tone in Catalan), and I played with the double B element as both of our surnames start with B (we're sisters after all). 

Across all our branding I use simple shapes in line with our Wabi-Sabi design philosophy - that objects and ambients are characterized by their rustic simplicity and imperfections, and that those imperfections are a quality and not a defect.