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Web Design

Durham Tech Pathways

The college Durham Tech wanted a new way to show Students the possibilities for their career choice.

For this project I designed only the Programs and Pathways section, so I needed to make something that matched the existing style of the site but added a nice way to show all the information they needed.

On the first page, users can see the different categories (or "Pathways") of programs available at Durham Tech, and choose the one that interests them the most. Each Pathway has a color which follows the user as they go through the Programs available inside a Pathway, creating a sense of continuity.

On desktop, when the user hovers over a program tile, the Pathway map shows related programs at different levels of education. Each column shows short term, long term, and university level options, so users that eventually want to obtain a Bachelor's degree in a given subject can see what kinds of programs they can join now to later reach their goals.

On mobile, due to the lack of hover, we show that same information on the individual program page. This also gives people who are looking at the program page a good idea of where this program fits in the different Pathways they could follow.